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My name is Claire Price, and I launched Smart Marketing in 2011, having spent 12 years as a Sales and Marketing Manager for a very successful SME in Southampton.

I loved my job and derived great professional satisfaction from being part of the company’s exponential growth.  It was with this in mind that I thought I may be able to use my experience, and that of trusted colleagues, to fulfil a similar role for other small and medium-sized businesses.  From here, Smart Marketing was born. 

Key to our approach is that we fully understand how key value for money and tangible results are for smaller organisations.  Small businesses do not have the resource or budget to devote to frivolous or ‘nice to have’ marketing campaigns, which serve to stoke the ego, but add nothing to the bottom line.  Small businesses require a grounded, no-nonsense, down to earth approach to business growth, with return on investment and value for money fundamental to any and every sales and marketing initiative.  To achieve this, you need to work with someone who is prepared to get ‘under the skin’ of your business, to understand what makes you tick, and then to identify the best and most cost-effective means by which to reach your specific objectives.

We firmly believe that effective sales and marketing does not require any kind of magic formula or recipe.  Improving your communications with prospects, existing customers, potential partners and the public is not rocket science – it is fundamentally a process borne of implementing, evaluating and then – if successful – repeating, specific goal-oriented tasks.  Like any finance, operations or logistics exercise, if marketing is approached in a systemised, goal-driven and logical manner, it cannot fail to bring the required results.  That is why the SMART approach is so essential to our business, to the extent that it defines us in both name and methodology.

We derive a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction from seeing a company grow, particularly where Smart can offer some small assistance in helping to achieve these growth objectives.  It is this passion that drives me and my team of freelance creative web and graphic designers to give our customers the very highest level of commitment and service and to represent them as if part of their own in-house team.

We would love to hear from you, to learn about your business, and to work with you to achieve your growth objectives.  Please give us a call or use the Contact Form to get in touch, and to arrange an appointment. 

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