The SMART Approach

Systematic, pragmatic, project-managed and process-driven. There’s nothing woolly about our marketing

At Smart, we firmly believe that effective sales and marketing is not rocket science – it is fundamentally a process borne of identifying, implementing, evaluating and then – if successful – repeating, specific goal-oriented tasks. That is why our unique SMART approach treats marketing like any other business process.

Step 1: We Will Identify Your Growth Objectives

Through detailed discussion with you and your team, we will use our tailor-made checklist to audit your current sales, marketing and communication activities, and to identify your specific short, medium and long-term objectives for growth.

Step 2: We Will Produce a Task Timeline Designed to Meet Your Objectives

Having defined what you are looking to achieve, we will then produce a tailored Task Timeline (see image), comprising those sales, marketing and communication tasks which we believe will be particularly effective in meeting your specific growth objectives. Should your budget be limited or your requirements quite straightforward, we may propose one or more of our ‘Off The Peg’ programmes – giving you maximum value for money. More unique or involved requirements will be met by SMART Bespoke – a comprehensive Sales & Marketing planning and fulfilment service, tailored to meet your exact needs.

Whether Off The Peg or Bespoke, all recommended tasks will follow SMART criteria:

  • Specific – each task will be explicitly defined, so that you know exactly what to expect from us
  • Measureable – we will give you the means to measure the success of each task, so that you can assess the progress of our efforts and of your investment
  • Attainable – the tasks that we suggest will be attainable within your budget and resource
  • Realistic – we will work with you to define objectives which are realistic for your business, and for the amount of resource available to commit to your goals. We will never try to ‘over-sell’ you services which we do not believe will have a direct and tangible benefit to your business
  • Timely – every goal/task needs an end date; a date to work towards and a date by which to review the effectiveness of the actions taken. The inclusion of specific timescales ensures a focussed approach, and leaves no room for unproductive, costly open-ended initiatives.

Step 3: We Will Implement the Task Timeline

Having agreed the content and cost of the Task Timeline with you and your team, we will implement each action, keeping you fully advised of project progress at all times.

Step 4: Review, Review, Review

At intervals appropriate to your bespoke Timeline, we will work with you to review the effectiveness of each Task, and of the overall success in meeting your objectives. We will refine our recommendations in response to the review findings, with the ultimate goal of ensuring the maximum marketing mileage for your spend at all times.

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