SMART Bespoke

Tailor-made marketing, unique to your business
SMART Bespoke is our tailor-made service for those businesses requiring a more unique or embedded approach to their sales, marketing and communication efforts.

Through detailed discussion with you and your team, we will use our tailor-made checklist to audit your current promotional activities, and to identify your specific short, medium and long-term objectives for growth. These objectives may include some or all of the following:

    •      The promotion of a new product or service
    •      Increasing sales volume/value from existing customers
    •      Improving customer retention
    •      Improving customer communication/relationships
    •      Generating new business
    •      Increasing your business profile, either in the local community or within your industry
    •      Improving relations with the public and local authorities
    •      Developing new products, services, procedures, systems and solutions
    •      Pricing and competitor review
    •      Building your reputation and brand awareness
    •      Providing your own in-house sales team with support
    •      Implementing a full Sales & Marketing programme, incorporating some or all of the objectives listed above

Once we have defined what you are looking to achieve, we will produce a Task Timeline, specifically designed to help you meet each objective. From this Timeline, you can cherry-pick those sales and marketing activities which you think will be of most benefit to your business, and provide the greatest return on your investment. You do not need to follow all of our recommendations to improve the success of your marketing function, but should select those which meet the demands of your budget, and are likely to have most impact.

Smart Marketing's role in the implementation of the Task Timeline can be as limited or expansive as you require. You can either (a) implement the Timeline's recommendations with no input from us; (b) cherry-pick those activities which you would like our help with as a complementary extension of your own team; or (c) outsource the entire Timeline's implementation to us, whereby we drive your sales and marketing initiatives in a project-managed approach.

Please contact us for further details, or to arrange an obligation-free appointment.

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