Sales Promotions

Ongoing structured appointment generation activities are your bread and butter on a day-to-day level, but from time to time it is good to run a discrete sales campaign, which you can promote in its own right.  It’s important that your campaign has an end date as it spurs the prospect into action.  Consider your customers’ key buying points throughout the year – perhaps it’s March, when they need to spend what is left of their annual budget, or September/October in time for the Christmas rush – and time your promotions to coincide with these.  Create a campaign-specific postcard or sales letter offering a discount or BOGOF promotion if they order before a specific date, then circulate to ‘warm prospects’.  Follow up with a chase up call.  Complement the call with a bit of press, maybe an advert or two, a social media campaign, a specific web landing page, a competition etc.  Try 3 – 4 discrete sales promotions per year to maximise your success rate.