Sales & Marketing Planning

Targets and goals are easier to achieve when they are specifically defined, and given a timescale for implementation.  Decide what sales and marketing objectives you want to work on over the coming months, and identify a plan to help you achieve them.  An effective sales plan isn’t about increasing turnover or profits – these might be your headline goals, but your plan needs to break down these overall objectives into the baby steps required to get there.  To increase profits, you need to reduce costs or increase margins.  How are you going to do this?  Who will be responsible for each task or project?  Over what timescale?  Identify specific action points, assign them to individuals, and agree when you are going to review results.  Don’t worry if your sales plan isn’t formally documented or is very simplistic – the simpler the plan, the more effective it often proves.  Just be comfortable that you have identified half a dozen or so action points that will move your business forward, and then commit yourself and your team to achieving these objectives.