Sales Letter Re-Vamp

Before commencing any kind of sales or marketing campaign, ruthlessly review your sales letter.  Is it attention-grabbing?  Does it contain enough content to get your message across without containing so much that the reader does not even begin to read it?  Is it pitched for the audience you will be distributing it to?  Use headlines, bullet points, different colour/size text – anything to get the reader’s attention.  Use the reverse of the paper, perhaps for a testimonial, FAQs or latest press release.  Use good quality paper, and sign the letter by hand (printed signatures indicate a lack of thought and a lazy sender).   Consider sending something with the letter – even if it’s just a pen, the very fact it bulks out the envelope will improve the chances of it getting past the initial ‘skim and bin’ test.  Consider the envelope – perhaps use something larger or shaped differently to the standard, so that it stands out from the rest of the mail.  Do everything possible to make your approach unique. So often you only have one opportunity to get a foot in the door with a prospect – critically test, review and refine your sales letter until you are getting the very best value from your efforts.