A strong brand is what distinguishes you from your competition.  It promotes recognition of your service or product and provides a tangible representation of what your business stands for.  In short, it is the DNA of your company; the way it is perceived and understood by your employees, customers and prospects, and therefore is absolutely key in helping you to forge an identity which will ultimately result in more sales and business growth.  Furthermore, your brand is actually an asset of your business – think Coca Cola, IBM, Microsoft, Apple.  All huge brands whose names have a value of their own.  Thankfully, it is very straightforward to define and implement the nature of your brand.  Identify those values that you would like your business to be renowned for, and then apply this philosophy consistently to every aspect of your company.  Yes - logos, straplines, fonts, uniforms and brand colours are important, but so are all other interactions.  Think about how your team answer the phones (how can your business be seen as warm and welcoming if your receptionist is gruff or rude?), how your drivers interact with customers, how you are seen in your local community.  Invest time in your team to ensure they understand what you are trying to achieve, and between you all, build an idea that you can hold on to, commit to and deliver.  Your brand represents the very core of your company, your DNA – no more, no less.