Blogging represents a great, low-cost way to interact with the public, and to build a positive reputation and brand identity.  It allows you to establish a personality for your business, which is mindful, considerate and authoritative, and to present you and your company in the very best light.  Blog regularly – two or three times per month is fine – and keep your updates short and sharp.  As an example, let’s say you are a haulage company consistently banging heads with local residents over vehicle numbers – perhaps you could publish a blog post on the availability of trucks with quieter engines, and the relative cost implications.  Use your blog as an opportunity to present your views, and to demonstrate that your business does not sit in ignorance with a blind eye to concerns, but is rather a thoughtful employer that considers alternative processes but does not always have the budget or resource to take action.  Why should you have to do this?  Well, consider the time you spend dealing with complaints from the public.  Regular communication through blogs, forums etc will inevitably reduce this, and is on your own terms.