Appointment Generation

Inbound marketing initiatives can only do so much - they cannot force companies to pick up the phone.  For these prospects, making calls to set up appointments for your sales team is the essential tool in the armoury.  Unless a call is made, no sales appointment will be forthcoming.  As with telesales, take a logical approach – work out how many appointments you want to achieve per week, how many calls are needed to make this number of appointments, and then divide this by 5 days to reach your daily call total.  Always make time for your appointment generation – the more often you call, the easier the process becomes.  Expect some people to hang up or be rude, but don’t be put off.  If you can tell someone isn’t interested, don’t be too forceful – this will put them off forevermore!  Use a spreadsheet or database to record your calls – this ensures that you (or one of your colleagues) does not contact a prospect you’ve only recently approached, and for those not yet ready to buy, input an appropriate date for a follow-up call.